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The Ayurveda Experience

Self-care is important. Especially for parents who kind of sort of forget caring for themselves once their little boo arrives. I am guilty of that myself. It took me almost four years to return to proper self-care.

While self-care comes in many shapes and forms, this post is dedicated to one of *the* most obvious: skin-care! Goodness, I had started looking like a homeless person. Once I returned to skin-care, I tried many, many products. Needless to say, nothing really worked, except, the Ayurveda Experience.

No, I am not being paid to write this post. It is purely a PSA for mamas like me. The picture accompanying this post is not mine; it is from Ayurveda's website (, and showcases two of their products: (1) iYURA Kesaradi Oil (aka Day oil); and (2) Manjish Glow Elixir (aka Night oil). I started with the night oil, but soon ended up buying some of their other products including the day oil. There is a marked difference in all the skin issues I was experiencing. And I will be buying again.

There! If you don't have the patience to try multiple products, but still want to try something, may be give this a shot.

I hope you have returned to some form of self-care; and didn't take as long as I did. Good luck!

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