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My Vision and Philosophy:

Photography is personalized art; and art deserves to be displayed!
Technology has enabled us all to take photos instantly using our phones. But here are a few questions:
  1. How many photos do you presently have in your phone's gallery?
  2. How many of those photos have you actually printed and displayed on your wall(s)?
  3. How many photos from a year or two ago do you still remember?
Did you know there is research suggesting that displaying photos of children in the house increases their self-worth and confidence as they grow? Does the 80" TV on your wall do that?
Like many things, we take photography for granted. 
My vision as a photographer is to create timeless pieces that someone will display in their homes for years to come, and pass on to their loved ones as heirlooms.
Now that you know my vision and philosophy, please go ahead and view my work (if you haven't already!):
Maternity session
Newborn session
Family session
Seven tips
To Take Better Pictures Of Your Kids With Your Smartphone!

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