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A birthday treasure hunt!

Like many other things this year, birthday celebrations have deviated from their usual course. For our little guy's fifth birthday, we decided to hide all his presents around the house, each holding a clue to the next one. The first clue, of course, was his cake-topper.

He is reaaaalllyy into "vemergency" vehicles these days, so ambulances, fire-trucks and police cars dominate our days. Naturally, he asked for an "ambulance and paramedic cake", and we complied. All in all, it was a day well spent!! He was too fast for me, so while I could not capture him solving all the clues, I did get some!

Birthday treasure hunt, clue#1, cake-topper
"There is a gift in my closet!!!"
"What?? Shoes?? Sewiously!!!??"

After two clues, the detective mode was fully engaged. We were told to wait while a little detective took out his magnifying glass! The hunt continued after a certain magnifying glass was found.

"I think I should get my magnifying glass" - Detective mode engaged!
Birthday garland
"I know you are here somewhere!"

Yes, I locked the door to the bathroom so I could get this picture of him trying to unlock it with a cookie cutter. He never succeeds, but he tries, and that cracks me up!

"Who locked the door!?"
Birthday hats! & cake-pops!
"There you are!!!"

And we kept solving one clue after another! From the garage to the guest-room, to the yard and the kitchen, we looked everywhere.

Yet another clue!
Magnifying glass needed!!
"I know, I know!!"
In the yard!!
Mirror, mirror!

"Where food goes to get hot....hmmm, is it the microwave or the oven?? Or both?? IS THERE A GIFT IN BOTH???" The joy was so much that a "no" did not seem to bother.

"Is it the oven, or is it the microwave?"
Is that a book??
"where oh where!?"
"This gift is cold"

We climbed up, we crawled under; and the treasure kept growing.

"I see it"
"Found it!!!"
"Here you are"
washer or dryer?
"which sofa?"

And, then, it was time to enjoy that treasure. Unwrap and PLAY!

Treasure found!!!
Time to unwrap!
From paramedics to radiologists!!

It sure was a fun day!

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