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From a "memory" to an "heirloom"

One thing I absolutely love about photography is its ability to freeze a moment in time. I feel honored that, for many families, I am the one not just to freeze it, but also to turn that frozen moment into a family heirloom which is cherished for years to come.

Most of us like decorating our homes. And one very personal way of decoration is a photo-wall. If not an entire wall, then at least a few photos of your loved ones here and there around your home. If you dont have any printed, I highly recommend you consider. I am sure you already have plenty of photos; why not print and display them. Research proves displaying photos of children in the house improves their self-esteem. With so many photography solutions available these days, it is also super easy to do.

Which of your photos will you display in your home?

#photography #heirloom #display #print #wallart #canvas #decorations

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