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It is a very special one for me!

I have been away for some time; busy with stuff, like most of us (if not all). But writing on my blog has been on my mind. What better day to resume than today; for it is a very special one for me!

Today is Mother's Day; yes! And being a mom, I am celebrating it.

Today is also my only child's birthday; the one I am blessed with, and honored to call my son.

Today is also the first Mother's Day when my little boo, who turns four today, is old enough to appreciate this day, and actually wish me, for the first time in his four year old life, a Happy Mother's Day! With a hug, his sweet words and the bunch of flowers his dad helped him gather from our backyard, he melted my mama heart in more ways than one.

It is a very special day for me.

On this day, I am also thinking about all the other moms, moms I have had the honor of photographing, moms I have had the honor of knowing, moms to children in this world, moms to children departed, expectant moms, and moms who will be. I also thank anyone and everyone who plays the role of a mom to anyone, whether that be a furry-four legged baby, or a non-profit/project/cause to help other mamas.

And to my mom - thank you for being YOU!

Happy Mother's Day!

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