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Recipe for a stunning milk-bath!

Maternity Milk-bath

A while ago, I photographed a maternity milk-bath session. Since then, I have received a bunch of queries about how I achieved the effects I achieved in that session. So, I thought, why not write a blog post about it.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, but since this is THE most important thing for any kind of photography, let me remind you of the importance of good "light". You will not always get good light - the skill is to manipulate available light and supplement that with additional light if need be. After all, photography, as Miroslav Tichy famously said, is painting with light.

Secondly, my subject was a stunning mama-to-be. Not only is she gorgeous, and has a charming smile, but she was so naturally comfortable in front of the camera that I am surprised she is not a professional model. That always helps.

As for the recipe itself, well, all you really need is whole milk. No, not a tub full, just a gallon would do. Fill the tub up with nice warm water, add the gallon of whole milk, and voila! You are ready. If the water begins to cool down at any point, always feel free to add more warm water to keep mama comfy.

As for props, we chose flowers, but really, anything that floats will do. In case of flowers, be mindful of the difference between real and synthetic ones. Real ones will almost always float (for long), and synthetic ones will almost always sink (very soon, if not immediately, unless you treat them). So, my advice would be to go with real flowers and add them to the bath once mama is comfortably set in the bath, and you are ready to start photographing. This gives you the maximum amount of time before the flowers will eventually sink (yes, many of them do, even when they are real!).

Essential oils, essences, honey or salts, are purely optional and may be added/omitted as per the preference of the mama.

Good luck!

*To see more photos from this session, visit my facebook page or contact me*

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