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newborn session
What to expect:

Just a little heads up on things that your should expect during your session:

1. The session will take anywhere between 2-3 hours. Please set aside this time, so there is enough time for feeding breaks, diaper changes, prop arrangements, etc. Feel free to bring yourself an iPad or snack if you so wish.

2. Since many of your baby's photographs will be taken without much clothing, we will have the room fairly warm to keep our little star comfortable. This means that the room may be too warm for your liking. Please dress accordingly.

3. Poop accidents happen, especially if you wish to have some of your baby's photographs taken naked. Please don't be embarrassed or feel stressed. We expect that, and are fully prepared. It is not a question of "if", but a question of "when". Just laugh it off! 

4. Babies cry; and that's perfectly okay. Again, please don't feel embarrassed at all. If you stress out, your baby will pick up on that and become more agitated. You may consider scheduling your baby's session during his/her nap time. But if they wake up and cry, please don't worry. Your baby runs the show, and we are all here to happily wait. 

5. Be prepared to feed your baby multiple times during his/her session. A full tummy leads to a happy, sleepy baby; which in turn means more opportunities for posing and photographing.

6. Do not change anything in your baby's routine because of the session. Feed them, clean them, put them down for naps, just as you would on any other day. Babies are creatures of routine, and changing much can over-stimulate them, which may cause them to stay awake and cry more.

7. Baby's safety comes first - always! Poses will never be forced. We wait, we improvise or we try something new. Also, no unsafe posing is attempted. You may notice me photographing your baby with props or scenes not completely set-up, especially, where there are things hanging. Do not worry, because many of the finished images are composites of 2-4 images. Also, I will re-schedule if I am not well. All this to ensure that your baby stays safe. Still, always feel free to question anything that you are not comfortable with.

What to wear:


1. Keep it simple; avoid distracting prints or accessories. Opt for solid colors, simple jewelry and makeup, so the focus stays on the baby. 

2. Considering the chosen theme (Rainbow), you may consider wearing any shade of Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple or may choose to wear White, if color is not your thing. Avoid Black for this session. Browns and Grays are fine too, if the shade is not too dark.

3. Avoid wearing perfumes, as they may stimulate the baby.


Baby should arrive to the session in loose fitting pajamas that button or zip all the way down. No onesies or difficult to take off outfits. In case the baby is sleeping upon arrival, we may want to start the session immediately to take advantage of the baby's sleep. If undressing requires moving baby around, it may wake him/her up. 

What to bring:

Here's a checklist of things that you might consider bringing:


1. Milk bottles, unless you are nursing, in which case, be prepared to breastfeed your baby.

2. Diaper bag, with plenty of diapers and wipes that your baby uses.

3. A pacifier, regardless of whether you intend to use one or not with your baby, as it helps greatly with the posing. 

4. A snack for yourself, if you wish.




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