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"Bodies for Birth"

If I knew of a fun place that offers fitness classes for women, whether they be in the prenatal stages of their lives or postpartum, and I didn't share that information with my fellow friends and mommies, that would be wrong, right? Let's not do anything wrong!

Strong mamas investing in themselves at Bodies for Birth

Maura is a registered nurse and a pre- and post-natal fitness specialist. She runs a studio called Bodies for Birth in Seattle. I recently had the opportunity to photograph some of her signature classes; and while I was there photographing, I wanted to join them all. The group of ladies she coaches are a fun, lively lot. This serves as an extra bonus; after all, who doesn't need/love/want a tribe.

Here are some of her group classes:

1. Mom & Baby Gym:

Mom & Baby Gym | happy mamas and happy babies

A super flexible way for new mommies to work-out, without the need for childcare, because the baby accompanies mommy to class. The environment during the Mom & Baby Gym hours is calm, peaceful and full of cuteness. You go at your own pace in the presence of a postpartum fitness professional. You have access to all the amenities you may need for yourself or your baby. And you share a laugh or two.

2. Return to Fitness (Postpartum):

New mommies working out | postpartum fitness

This is a progressive eight week program aimed at helping new mamas return to their favorite fitness activities with strength, confidence and knowledge. You attend a session at the studio with a postpartum fitness specialist, and go home with a new series of exercises each week. Hence, it does require commitment on your part.

3. Prenatal Fitness:

Like her website states: It is "[o]ne of a kind, specialized group training for the work of pregnancy and postpartum. This is mind-body preparation at it’s finest: challenging, fun and always supportive". Preconception clients are, of course, welcome to join too.

We, on the east-side, are waiting for you to open up a location here, Maura. In the meantime, Seattle friends, do check Bodies for Birth out. Address and more information at

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