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Self-Portrait: a Photographer's selfie

Spring time self-portrait with cherry blossoms in Seattle

Self-portraits are a form of creative, personal expression. Since time immemorial, humans have portrayed themselves using various mediums - pencil sketches, paintings, sculptures, and now, with smartphones and technology, selfies.

How do photographers capture self-portraits? It's actually pretty simple, unless you are seeking to photograph yourself with a toddler, in which case, good luck! But here's all that you really need:

1. A camera (it goes without saying);

2. A tripod to mount your camera on, but if you don't have one, a beanbag, table, sofa, or anything on which you can securely place your camera at the angel you want to shoot at will do too;

3. Something to focus on; a second tripod is ideal, as it makes life so much easier, but again, anything like a bar-stool, a floor lamp, a shovel, even a chair works;

4. A spot with good lighting - "good light": can't stress this enough;

5. A remote shutter release; if you don't have one, your camera's self-timer option will do the trick too; and

6. A dash of creativity.

Once you have chosen the location, and framed your shot, place your focus-on object where you intend to position yourself in the photo. The height of the object doesn't really matter; the distance of the object from your camera does. So make sure you place this object exactly where you will stand or sit for your self-portrait. Focus, and remove the object.

Now, set the timer, and use the burst mode so you capture multiple photos in succession. If you have the remote shutter release, skip the timer and use it instead.

Strike a pose, wait for your camera to click and ta-daa! All done. Repeat, if you are not happy with the images.

It is nice to be in the photos at times, don't always be behind the camera. Have fun!

#selfportrait #howto #tipstricks #DIY

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