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Maternity & Newborn | a gorgeous, expecting couple and an adorable baby girl



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Get my 7 Tips to take better photos of your children with your smartphone!

A gorgeous family enjoying spring and cherry blossoms at the UW's Quad in Seattle, WA


6 reasons:

If you are choosing a photographer on the basis of price alone, I cannot compete;

but if the following are important to you, there is no one comparable:

1. Newborn Safety: I am AANPS- and APNPI-certified. Click here to view my blog discussing newborn safety.
2. Wall-art & table-top displays:Wood, metal, acrylic, canvas; or better still, an ArtWall - the range of products I offer is unique. Get in touch to request my Client Guide or to see samples.
3. The Service and Experience: From the reveal to the hand-delivery and installation of artwork, the service and experience I offer is unlike others.
4. Flexibility: With my À La Carte menu, your purchase is tailored precisely to your wishes, down to a single photograph. There is no requirement of minimum purchase.
5. Themes: If you want a theme incorporated in your session, artistically and free of extra charge, get on the books. To see examples, please view my galleries or get in touch.
6. Special Ones: I am accredited by the Special Kids Photography of America. I have the love, compassion, sensitivity, patience and experience to photograph the differently-abled ones.
A baby gazing intently, while being held lovingly


Hello Hello!

I am Uzma, a mom, an attorney-turned-realtor, and a photographer. My passion for photography led me to seek professional training in my youth, but it remained a hobby. I set up my business after being blessed with a baby boy, i.e. after realizing how much I love maternity, newborn and family photography. Yes, my little baby boy brought out the pro in me. 

Portrait photography is my passion; and I love creating personalized artwork.

That is my story; well, a brief version of it. I can't wait to hear yours!

Uzma M. Hamid

Greater Seattle Area

Self-portrait in black and white / monochrome
Newborn baby sleeping in a red, floral, Christmas wreath


Seven tips
To Take Better Pictures Of Your Kids With Your Smartphone!
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